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The World Health Organization (WHO) defines traditional medicine as "the sum total of the knowledge, skills, and practices based on the theories, beliefs, and experiences indigenous to different cultures, whether explicable or not, used in the maintenance of health as well as in the prevention, diagnosis, improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness".

Herbal Medicine is the practice of using herbs or herbal preparations to maintain health and to prevent, alleviate, or cure disease.

At Rahma Integrated Concepts Ltd (Rahma), we have made it our task to make available to people today traditional herbal remedies, that have been known and practised for centuries, in the form of effective medicines which satisfy the highest demands of quality on the basis of sound scientific knowledge from the fields of botany, pharmacognosy, pharmacology, and drug R&D while maintaining the highest ethical standards for sustainability and value addition.

We provide and extend personalized & innovative healthcare services to customers.

Our Vision

Rahma follows its core values of keeping consumers first, demonstrating respect for people, acting with integrity, and operating with transparency. We are proud of our commitment that enables us to enhance the quality of peoples’ lives while helping us provide them with quality products. This is the reason that we are the preferred company in many areas of herbal therapy.

Quality Assurance

Our product quality is assured by our implementation of international GMP Standards (Good Manufacturing Practice) in production, quality control and comprehensive quality management. On the basis of our NAFDAC approval, the supervisory authority (NAFDAC) confirms our GMP compliance in production, quality control and quality management on an ongoing basis by means of regular GMP inspections. We have defined quality objectives for all of our business operations.

Our Mision

At Rahma our mission acts as an underlying principle to whatever we do. Right from start, we set our expectations which sit alongside our values of courage, accountability, development and teamwork. Our values and expectations guide our everyday actions and decision making.
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What's clients say about us

People love our products and 70% our customers are returned customers. We believe that only way to make a long-term business is helping people.

For the past 15 years, I've resorted to pain killers and opioids like tramadol, diclofenac, pentazocine iv. I know for sure that these drugs have negative impacts on my liver and on me in general. I couldn't stop because my life partly depends on them. I enjoy the comfort and peace of mind i get after taking them especially during severa crisis. But just recently. a friend told me about Immunozin capsules, a product of Rahma Integrated Ltd. I got 2 packs. before I started taking this drug, I experience frequent crisis at nights. Most times, I had to inject myself. This is just 2 weeks into the medication, I've never for a night complained of pain. i even engage in strenuous activities. It works really well. I therefore recommend Immunpzin Capsules to all SCD patients. You will see the difference.
Stanley Simon-Okeke
I had multiple fibroids with the largest measuring 10.4x6.5cm and ovarian cysts. I used Rahma drugs that shrunk or dissolved all of them leaving my womb clear without any surgery at all. My gynecologist had to ask how I managed to get rid of the fibroids and cysts? I have medical result to show. I have had my baby and womb still free! I was so happy about my new health that I deceided to join the company to spread news of its good works. God bless Rahma Integrated Concepts!
Patience Maha
I had been battling with fatigue for serveral years due to a condition i have called Chiari Malformation type 2 and have had 3 brain surgeries. After consulting with diferent doctors, I tried every change of medication, diet and lifestyle they prescriped but nothin worked. 2 months ago I started to use Immunozin for my immune system and Geszin for my poor digestion due to medications and fatigue. I'm so relieved to say at least, I wake up every morning feeling energetic and it naturally lasts during the day.I cannot recommend it enough! Natural remedies is the way to go.
Jamila Anderson
A lot of good testimonies from people who have taken various drugs from Rahma this include my good self and my mum.More grease to your elbow in providing alternative affordable and efficacious drugs to all humanity.
Abdullahi Tajudeen
Try any of the Rahma products especially the Immunozin capsules for Sickle cell patients and see the miraculous and effective work it does....A trial will convince u cos trust me it works
Bennie Sogwu

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