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Healing Crisis


Healing Crisis

Increasing populations of people use complimentary and/or alternative medicine in one way or another. Many use alternative medicine to promote overall health while others may use it in treating a particular health condition. In some cases, while treating a health condition using alternative medicine, one may experience a reaction called healing crisis. A healing crisis is a temporary worsening of symptoms of an ailment at the beginning of the administration of a treatment. This is not the same as an adverse effect of the treatment which is undesired and likely harmful. Healing crisis can be common with estimates putting it at 10 to 75 percent frequency.

There isn’t much research available on healing crisis causes; it is however believed to be caused by an inflammatory or endocrine response due to elimination of toxins and other waste products from the body in response to treatment. It is a natural part of the body’s healing process. Most cases of healing crisis include an increase in symptoms of the ailment being treated, but in some cases, other symptoms are also experienced. In many cases, especially where healing crisis occurs for an extended length of time, the healing crisis could be due to an improved function in a part of the body straining the resources of another, especially if that part had not been functioning at optimal levels in the first place. The symptoms are usually a sign that there are insufficiencies in other parts of the body. Where this occurs, the other problems should be addressed. Some of the most common symptoms that are also experienced are headache, body pain, fatigue, chills, nausea, diarrhea, etc.

A healing crisis often begins almost immediately when treatment is commenced. It usually lasts for 5 to 10 days, but may sometimes last for weeks or months depending on the ailment and treatment method. When experiencing healing crisis, it is usually recommended to have a lot of rest, stay hydrated, and avoid foods or activity that may worsen it. Sometimes pain killers or antihistamines may be recommended. The symptoms of healing crisis may be identical to the disease that is being treated, even though the healing crisis is a “disease elimination” mode. The body goes through an elimination process to achieve good health. It will be in stages, thus good health state is not acquired immediately. A cleansing and purification process takes place where stored waste is in a “free flow” state. The elimination organs are stimulated to excrete all the waste in the body that has accumulated over the years. For example, in common cold recovery, urine may become cloudy or dark; the bowels move more loosely, there may be nausea and skin may emit a foul smell along with a breakout of rash or pimples with fever occurring. There may be muscle spasms, headaches and flu like symptoms.

Healings crisis is necessary sometimes due to the large buildup and accumulation of toxins in the body as a result of daily exposure to pollution from air, water, food, medications, etc. Diseases only occur when our cells are not functioning optimally in there designated roles whether due to trauma, toxicity or other factors. Therefore mere symptomatic treatment of diseases will only suppress the body’s attempt to heal, which leads to more chronic diseases, later on. On the other hand, implementing a holistic natural approach to treatment, the toxins and other disease agents stored at the cellular level will break loose and release into the blood and lymphatic system to be transported and disposed out of the body. This way, toxins are eliminated quicker than they accumulate, thus forming an equilibrium that maintain optimal state of wellbeing.

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